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Our Story

‘GRANNY’S’ as the name suggests stands for grandmother and connotes the love , affection, goodness, traditional values and imbibed culture that goes back to her ancestors and devolves in generations now and in the future.
In keeping to those traditional values, the owners of this bespoke Co named Sushev Agricultural Farms Pvt Ltd installed a pickle manufacturing and other food processing unit under the guidance of their grandmother whose pickle making expertise was legendary being widely sought out and appreciated by all. Her old formulations learnt from her mother and grandmother and a closely guarded mix of spices are utilized in making these products. Now brought to you, formerly only used by the erstwhile ruling families of India, to which the owners belong.
Using modern packing systems, under HACCP and SFP these products are packed attractively using user friendly jars and containers to provide optimum satisfaction to the consumer.
These products are based in various categories namely.
Oil Based​​ Olive oil
​​​Mustard oil
Oil Free
Cooking Pastes
Vinegar Based
To cater to a wider range of customers some of our pickles are based in olive oil while others in traditional Mustard oil. We also have an Oil Free range, Chutneys and cooking pastes. The entire range is listed as an attachment.
Keeping to international tastes and requirements, we have recently launched our new line of preserved fruit and vegetable without spice.
Our production facilities are fully upgraded and vetted by the licensing authority FSSAI and we practice HACCP and FSP while producing and packing our products. Buying the best and fresh quality available of fruit and vegetables we also buy whole spices and grind them to a desired micron size for optimum taste without losing any flavor.
Our products are costly but at the same we assure top quality and service.


: +91 - 8076321560

Our Story

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